Pitcoin Whitepaper

Pitcoin – A Community Token on Solana


Welcome to Pitcoin, a community-driven token built on the Solana blockchain. Pitcoin isn’t just another cryptocurrency; it’s a novel concept designed for community engagement and amusement. This whitepaper aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Pitcoin, its purpose, and how you can participate in this exciting venture.

Token Overview:

Pitcoin ($PITCOIN) is a unique cryptocurrency that holds no intrinsic value and does not anticipate any monetary gains. It is important to understand that Pitcoin is entirely non-functional and is created solely for amusement within our community. By acquiring Pitcoin, you acknowledge this disclaimer and agree to participate for the sheer joy of it.

Participation and Minting:

Participating in the Pitcoin project is simple and requires no monetary investment. Prior to the official launch, the only way to engage with the project is by minting an NFT from the available Pitcoin NFT collection. By minting Pitcoin NFTs, participants receive Pitcoin tokens as a novelty reward. It’s worth noting that the launch of the Pitcoin token is self-funded, and no investment has been required by anyone participating in the project.


It’s crucial to recognize that Pitcoin is not a security or investment contract. By engaging with the project and acquiring Pitcoin tokens, you absolve the team of any responsibility and agree to hold them harmless from any potential losses or tax liabilities. Pitcoin operates as a community-driven DeFi ecosystem, and while it’s not classified as a registered digital currency, compliance with local laws and regulations is essential.

Pre-Launch Strategy:

All fees collected from NFT minting prior to the official launch will be placed in a separate wallet and contributed to the Liquidity Pool. These funds will then be burned to ensure the creation of a substantial liquidity pool before launch. It’s important to note that there will be no airdrops, and participants should avoid sending Solana to anonymous wallets. Prior to the launch, participants who minted NFTs from the Pitcoin collection will receive Pitcoin tokens of approximate equal value to the fees incurred during minting, although the tokens are not guaranteed to hold any monetary value.

Roadmap After Launch

Following the token launch, our focus will shift towards achieving several key milestones to further develop the Pitcoin ecosystem. While we aspire to accomplish these goals, it’s important to emphasize that there are no guarantees of success, and only time will reveal our progress.

  1. Listing on Exchanges: We aim to list Pitcoin on the following exchanges:

    • BirdEye
    • Dextools
    • DexScreener
    • CoinGecko
    • CoinMarketCap Listing on these exchanges will provide the token with legitimization and allow a wider audience to access information about our community token.
  2. Creation of Utility Projects: To enhance the utility of the Pitcoin token, we plan to develop projects that provide real-world applications for our community. These projects will aim to foster engagement and innovation within the Pitcoin ecosystem.


Pitcoin is an innovative community token designed for engagement and amusement. With its unique approach and commitment to transparency, Pitcoin aims to create a vibrant and inclusive ecosystem on the Solana blockchain.